• RK Partners provided decisive support to management in developing its long-term business plan, which in turn was used as bedrock for intense negotiations with creditors to restructure ~R$1,5 billion in financial liabilities. As a result, outstanding debts had their maturities extended for 98 months, including a 48-month grace period for principal payments, plus a temporary reduction in interest rates from local lenders – a key step towards implementing the new management’s strategic plan.

  • Turnaround of Brazilian manufacturer of household care products that has one of Brazil’s most recognized brands. Project focused on extensive transformation process of the company, with in depth changes in the structural and cultural backbone of the organization. Operational and financial restructuring included the renegotiation of debts and new credit lines with suppliers, liquidity crisis management, access to new capital with financial creditors, review of product portfolio, efficiency gains in production / logistics and sale of non-strategic brand. Bombril’s financial results had a significant improvement throughout the project and enabled the company to once again grow sustainably.

  • Largest restructuring case in Latin America to date. The project involves the renegotiation of debt totaling R$46 billion in ten companies. For the most critical cases, such as OGX and OSX, RK Partners has indicated new managers for the companies.

  • The restructuring process of Bertin Energia, a company in distress with 5,8GW in termal power projects, involved the renegotiation of debt, the sale of assets, the resolution of corporate and regulatory conflicts, and the recommendation of new executives.

  • The business plan was adjusted and the use of the project’s cash flow, then at an initial stage, was supervised due to recurring above-budget costs. After renegotiation with the main creditor (BNDES), RK Partners‘ executives coordinated the sale to the Odebrecht Group.

  • One of the most important restructuring cases in the country. RK Partners‘ executives assumed the Company‘s interim management, successfully implementing a detailed plan that enabled the takeover and a smooth transition even in a hostile environment due to corporate conflicts. The work involved aggressive cost cutting. By the end of the project, the company‘s EBITDA had increased by more than 45%.

  • The work involved financial restructuring with debt extension and the conversion of debt into equity, in addition to a capital increase.

  • The company held the concession of the railway corridor connecting the Midwest region of Brazil to São Paulo. The project consisted of restructuring of debt, which was partially converted into equity, as well as a capital increase. The restructuring also involved the recruitment and appointment of a new CEO, who implemented substantial operational improvements in the company. The project was concluded with the sale of Brasil Ferrovias to ALL Logística, forming the country‘s largest railway/logistics operator.