Who we are

RK Partners is an independent advisory firm that specializes in complex corporate reorganizations. The partners and the team have extensive experience in financial and operational restructuring projects in various sectors, having been successful in 100% of the cases taken on. RK Partners has been in charge of some of the largest and most important corporate restructuring processes in Brazil.

RK Partners operates independently and is committed to solving its clients’ problems. The team members combine vast knowledge of strategy and corporate finance with solid relationships with banks, national and foreign investors, pension funds and leading law firms. This expertise, associated with the applied methodology, leads to results-oriented management and creates substantial value for its clients. In addition, whenever the case so requires, the teams are prepared to interfere directly in the operations of the business.

All of RK Partners’ projects are marked by its core values: strong commitment to corporate governance, transparency, ethics and perpetuity of the achieved results.


FOCUS ON EXECUTION: active involvement in the client’s day-to-day activities. RK Partners’ team has extensive executive experience, which equips it to have a detailed understanding of the operational, strategic and financial challenges of each company as well as its sector.

CREATIVITY AND FLEXIBILITY: development and implementation of creative and flexible solutions that transform the business, realizing all its value potential.

PEOPLE APPRECIATION: team allocation – including executives to manage the company – with great analytical capacity and strategic vision. In all projects, RK Partners prioritizes the implementation of talent recruitment and retention programs in order to ensure that the best people are involved in each project. This is what fundamentally guarantees success in change processes.

DISCIPLINE: use of proven assessment processes and analytical rigor successfully implemented in restructuring projects.

INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY: honest dialogue with all those involved – shareholders, employees, executives and creditors. Implementation of governance rules and ongoing monitoring in order to keep all the parties up-to-date on the project’s evolution.

ALIGNMENT OF GOALS: RK Partners operates independently, as it does not sell financial products/services. Its interests are always its clients’ interests.